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Our Approach

Early Childhood Development in Norwalk, CT

At Baby Beluga Family Daycare, we focus on your child’s well-being and early development. We take a developmental approach to childcare and learning. We’ve studied the works of leading professionals and researchers in the field of early development to ensure a quality upbringing for your child.

Early childhood development in Norwalk, CT, is the foundation of our childcare program. We offer daytime care for preschoolers and childcare for infants as young as two months to help prepare them for preschool.

Our Approach to Caring for Your Child

Every parent wants to know their child is in good hands while in the care of others. At Baby Beluga Family Daycare, we operate with the following principles in mind to put your mind at ease:

  • Quality care means caring for the whole child. We take an interest in your child’s emotional, physical, mental, and social development and provide opportunities for sequential growth.

  • Children learn in different ways that must be respected. We teach according to each child’s learning style, and we promote their individual strengths.

  • Secure attachments developed in the first years of life promote optimal growth and emotional well-being. We consider social interactions to be of primary importance in your child’s upbringing.

  • Learning is exciting, and children are eager to learn. We help children develop their knowledge, and we have a curriculum that includes active play and exploration of their environment.

  • Care centered on the child means observing and understanding each child’s skills. We plan learning experiences for children that are age-appropriate and suitable to each child. 

  • Children learn at their own pace. We ensure each child is treated as a valued individual with a unique personality. We respond to each child’s personal interests.

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